Welcome to Heartland Health Therapy, Inc. We are an independent sleep disorder clinic for and have been selected as the preferred provider by WorkFIt, Inc. . Your employer may be a client of WorkFit and that is why you have selected our web site or you may want to be proactive in determining if you are “fit” to operate a CMV and avoid the possibility of your motor carrier not allowing you to operate a CMV if you have sleep apnea.

Our goal and your employer’s goal is to provide you with the ability to determine if you have sleep apnea that may be preventing you from living a full and healthy life as well as is sleep apnea causing you not to be able to perform your job as efficiently and productively as you desire.

Sleep Apnea affects millions of people in the United States. It has been estimated that 4% of all men have sleep apnea and 2 % of all women. These numbers vary based upon an individual’s current health status.

  • Nightly bouts of interrupted, oxygen-deprived sleep from a collapsed airway in the upper neck raises the chances of dying in middle-aged to elderly people by as much as 46 percent in the most severe cases, according to a landmark study on sleep apnea by lung experts at Johns Hopkins and six other U.S.. medical centers
  • Even in people with moderate forms of the sleeping disorder, with anywhere from 15 to 30 episodes of interrupted breathing during each hour of supposed rest, risk of death jumps 17 percent , according to a landmark study on sleep apnea by lung experts at Johns Hopkins and six other U.S.. medical centers
  • Reporting it the Public Library of Science, Medicine online Aug. 18, researchers found that as little as 11 minutes a night – just 2 percent of an average night’s sleep of seven hours – spent in severe sleep apnea and subsequent oxygen deprivation, in which blood oxygen levels drop below 90 percent, doubled the death rate in men
  • Those that have Type II diabetes, the prevalence of Sleep Apnea in men were 11% <45 years of age, 36% 45-60 years, and 61% >65 years. This trend did not exist for women per EINHORN, MILTON ERMAN, ATHENA PHILIS-TSIMIKAS, and NANCY GORDON from Sharp Diabetes and Research Center of San Diego, CA
  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) says that as many 28 percent of commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders have sleep apnea

We invite you to complete the questionnaire and Medical Release form to allow us to begin the process of determining if you have sleep apnea. Depending upon your answers on the questionnaire, we may call you to schedule a complimentary overnight sleep screening test to be done in your home. We will then provide the results of that screening test to your physician and have him/her decide our next course of action.

There are two choices for further testing if there is an indication you may have sleep apnea based upon the screening test results. One is for an in lab study, the “Gold Standard” in overnight sleep testing, at our Accredited Sleep Disorder Center or a Home Sleep Test conducted at your place of residence. Your physician can discuss these options with you.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, there are two choices for treatment. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, (CPAP) Therapy is the “Gold Standard” but the use of a custom fitted oral appliance is also a possibility. Heartland is working with a local Certified Sleep Apnea Dentist and can advise you and your physician of that option if needed.